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4 !!!!!!!! (nope, Favre not coming out of retirement)

Hey dere Packers fans,
As youse probably already know, our Bucky Badgers are in the Final 4 doan-cha-know!

Our friends down at Wall Street Plaza are starting a block party early on Saturday night.  Just like when you watch the Packers play… all the screens will be show’in Bucky beat the Wildcats.  Believe-you-me there will also be a 16 foot big screen out in da plaza.  Come on down to watch the first game so you can have a couple-two-tree brews to loosen yur joints!

Doors open @ 5:00pm
Game #1 @ 6:09pm – (7)Connecticut vs. (1)Florida Gators

Game #2 @ 8:49pm – (8)Kentucky vs. (2) Scansin Badgers



Man, there sure have been a lot of bears on TV lately, including this one. Some guy said he fought a bear but he actually hurt himself falling down and lied about it. Now that's a humdinger of a story!

Guess the people on Channel 2 didn't read the official CFPB Cheddarhead Dictionary 'cause a FIB is something completely different to us Cheeeseheads.  click the link to check it out...


Doan 'cha forget to set them DVR's ona-cana there's lotsa Packers shows on NFL Network for the rest of the week!

Oh, and if you live somewheres where there's lotsa Bears put up some goal posts in your yard...that seems to keep the Chicago Bears out!


"OK team, you take OBT North to Bay street, make a right, go 1 mile, and you're there"...
...Here's a nice picture of Vince giving directions to the historic State Theatre in Eustis. 

If you haven't already gotten your tickets to see the award winning play, "Lombardi" on Sunday, February 23rd at 7:30, there's still time.
All you gotta do is click here http://www.baystreetplayers.org/Lombardi.html and buy 'em before someone else does.  Make Vince proud...or he may trade you to the Bears!

Oh, and don't forget the pre-play party at the Crazy Gator, it's only a block away. They even have a fish fry on Sundays!


Say what?  Yes!  You can see the award winning play, "Lombardi" live with your Central Florida Packer Backer friends.  The CFPB is going to see the play on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23RD AT 7:30 PM.  tickets: click here.  Buy 'em early cause it will probably sell-out quick. We don't have an "official" group so everyone can buy their tix separately.

This production is put on by the Bay Street Players at the historic State Theatre in beautiful downtown Eustis.  Where the hell is Eustis you ask?  It's right by Mount Dora about 45 minutes from Orlando.

And what would a Packers event be without a couple-two-tree beers beforehand?  We have that covered too, theres a great bar/restaurant about a block from the theater called The Crazy Gator. Listen to this, they even have an all-you-can-eat fish fry for $8.99 on Sundays...and 55-cent wings...and cheap beer. Believe-you-me, you will think Eustis is in Wisconsin!

The play is based on the awesome book "When Pride Still Mattered-A life of Vince Lombardi".  It's so good even Bears fans should read it...except it has a bunch of big words in it they wouldn't understand.

Wanna go?  After you buy your tickets send an email to cfpackerbackers@gmail.com so we know can tell the guy at the bar how many are comin'. Rumor has it they make a mean Manhattan too...Holy Cripes!


(January 4, 2014) --- The forecast for Green Bay, Wisconsin this Sunday calls for a high of zero-degrees with a low of 24-degrees... below zero!  And that's not even factoring in the wind chill!

All Central Florida Packer Backers will be gathering at club headquaters at One Eyed Jack's in downtown Orlando this Sunday afternoon in a show of solidarity with their Green Bay brethren who will be freezing their asses off while sitting on those comfortable metal seats up at Lambeau Field on January 5th.

"We will be feeling their pain," says CFPB Head Cheese Mike Gottlieb, "by serving super-cold beer and by adding a complimentary extra ice-cube or two to all beverages of Packer Backers who will be watching the Green Bay-San Francisco game with us in the Wall Street Plaza this Sunday."

CFPB Wes Hoaglund dug out his Packers mittens and scarf immediately after hearing that the wind-chill temperature outside of One Eyed Jack's this Sunday may fall into the lower-60s by game's end.

As usual, lots of fantastic Packers-related prizes will be given away during the game, including a really nice replica Super Bowl XLV ring... just like the one Ben Roethlesburger doesn't have!

With the temperature sinking to record lows by game time, this NFL play-off battle will certainly be historic... so be sure to get to One Eyed Jack's early!  Seat-warmers not included.

Aaron Returns to Packers Line-Up to Face duh-Bears!

(December 26, 2013) --- Aaron Rodgers is back.And because of his return, the Packers-Bears game has been moved to a 4:25pm (ET) kick-off this Sunday.
Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy made it official on Thursday, announcing the quarterback will return from a seven-game absence Sunday when the team meets the Chicago Bears in a matchup that will decide the NFC North.

The word came shortly after Rodgers took first-team reps in the portion of practice open to the media. It was a change in protocol from recent weeks, where Matt Flynn worked with the first team as Rodgers looked on.

Rodgers has been sidelined since suffering a broken collarbone in a Nov. 4 loss to the Bears. Green Bay has leaned on its medical staff in determining Rodgers' return, a stance that led to public frustration from the quarterback, coach and fan base.  The Packers went just 2-4-1 without the 2011 MVP and have remained alive in their division largely thanks to the failings of their rivals.

Though rust is a fair concern, there's no understating how important the star quarterback's return is to a Packers team built around his greatness. A healthy Rodgers gives the Packers a puncher's chance against any NFC contender.

That starts with the Bears, who can't be thrilled about Thursday's news.


We have been trying to secure a bunch of tickets for the Badger bowl game and haven't had much luck. Those guldarn Badgers are purty popular!  There still might be some tickets available locally later but right now can't promise anything.  Since we have been getting emails asking about tickets we did some research and it looks like the University of Wisconsin still has some available.
Here's the details if you want to check the game out in person.


Update for Packer Larry: 
People can find a lot cheaper tickets on this site.

One thing we do know, Wall Street Plaza is Badger Backer Headquarters!
Come on out and have a couple two-tree beers with us!
Go Bucky!